Fleeting moments

I want to put this clip here as this song has been important in my life. In the most difficult of situations this song plays in my mind and helps me get through difficulties. When I have been depressed – and I have been that – it helps to have this song to remind me that everything passes. And having experienced that transient nature of life’s ups and downs with previous episodes of clinical depression receding and life continuing with its joys and beauty and  yet other sorrows I can only say: Our lives are but fleeting moments in this vast universe – lets make the most of them.

The Finnish words to the song are on the side and my translation which is more accurate (as accurate as I can make it) than poetic is below:


The most appealing scent of the most beautiful flower,
it is only temporary.
The time of the sweetest, golden bloom of youth
it is only temporary.
Life’s trivialities and its passing beauty,
its sinful charm and temptation,
all of its attraction – indeed –
it is all only temporary.

The intoxication of wine which delights my mind
it is only temporary.
And the girl who excites my senses
she is also temporary.
The charm and the attraction of your eyes
and the crimson glow of your lips
and that body – indeed –
it is all only temporary.

A life of a person with its worries and sorrows,
it is only temporary.
And that moment of bright joy,
it is only temporary.
This lustre and richness of our lives
and the love raging in the heart
and that disappointment – indeed –
it is all only temporary.


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