Monthly Archives: February 2010

First post

I had something in mind when I started. Now seeing this empty space I do not seem to be able to get at it. I keep looking at the different parts of this screen: word count and what happens when I delete; draft saved and how that affects the word count. I am also aware that it took me too long to get this blog set up. I have only a little time now to write anything before the needs of my stomach interfere and NCIS calls me away from the computer. Before I go I want to get the first post out of the way, hoping that the second one will be easy with my thoughts flying to my fingertips and from there through the keyboard to the computer and to this blog. I think I am going to leave this first one here. I want to see what this looks like when published. Tomorrow is another day and I may even remember what I had planned to write this morning.